The first issue of Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY came out in March of 1992. The original reason for publishing this research newsletter still guides us today: to find, analyze and report the stories buried in data about who is getting a college education, who isn't, and why. We believe that only through collegiate education can Americans most fully develop their human potential and gain access to the broad range of opportunities that reflect the American experience of living. This belief is supported by hard evidence on the lives of individuals, families, communitites, states and the United States. Most other countries appear to have commitments to the higher education of their citizens that reflect similar beliefs.

The data available on the OPPORTUNITY website has been compiled and specially developed to address that issues of under-represented populations in higher education. These groups are low-income/first generation students, under-represented minorities (blacks, Hispanics, American Indians) and males

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Issue #186 December 2007
In the December issue of OPPORTUNITY Article 1 looks at: Pell Grant Enrollments at America's "Best" Universities and Colleges for FY2000 to FY2008. In Article 2 we look at: Taxes Paid in the United States.

Issue #181 July 2007
In the July issue of OPPORTUNITY Article 1 looks at: Enrollment Rates and Educational Attainment by Age and Gender, 1950 to 2005. In Article 2 we look at: Time Use of High School and College Students on Educational Activities, 2003-05.


College Entrance Rate by Race/Ethnicity and Gender for Recent High School Graduates and Leavers, 1959 to 2006
This Excel workbook summarizes data published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics from the Current Population Survey on the transition from high school directly into college the following fall for men, women, whites, blacks, hispanics and other race population categories. These data are the first published each year on numbers of high school graduates and college freshmen.  4/12/2007


"STATE" Higher Education Opportunity Data Book [State Report] 
This Data Book summarizes important information on Higher Education Opportunity for the state you selected for undergraduates.

  1. Educational Attainment
  2. Per Capita Personal Income
  3. Median Family Income and Household Income
  4. Gini Coefficients for Family and Household Income 
  5. Poverty Rates
  6. Gross State Product by Industry
  7. Employment by Industry
  8. Agricultural Employment
  9. Unemployment Rates
  10. National School Lunch Program
  11. Public High School Graduation Rates
  12. Chance for College by Age 19
  13. College Participation for Students from Low Income Families
  14. Pell Grant Recipients data
  15. Dependent and Independent Pell Grant Recipients by Instutional Type/Control
  16. State Need-Based Grant Coverage of Pell Grant Recipients 
  17. Interstate Migration of Undergraduate Students
  18. State and Local Tax Funding Efforts for Higher Education
  19. Tuition and Fees in Public Institutions by State and Year 
  20. Current Fund Expenditures of Public & Private Higher Education as a Percentage of Gross State Product
  21. Degrees Conferred by Level of Degree and Gender

We also have several other state specific reports on our State Pages.


New Students? Missing Students! Minorities, Low Income and Males
American Council on Education
February 10, 2008
San Diego, CA

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