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All subscriptions include 12 issues of our research newsletter and full website access to all of our research data (no online access for Libraries). View samples of our research data.

Subscription Options

Electronic Subscriptions are $174 annually online. Individual Subscriptions, Excludes Libraries.

Print Edition Subscriptions (with website access) are $194 annually. Individual Subscriptions, Excludes Libraries.

Print Edition Subscription with multi-user 5-pack login accounts is $500. Contact Brittany Ross at ( for this level to setup the extra login accounts. This multi-user pricing is for Departmental/Office use. This is not an Institutional or Library offer.

Library Print Edition Subscription are $194 annually. Only 1 login for Librarian. Currently Libraries must contact Brittany Ross at ( to subscribe.

"Full-time Student" Rate for Electronic Subscription is $87 annually in U.S. Dollars. This must be paid with a personal check or personal credit card. For full time student use only. Contact Brittany Ross at ( for more information on Student subscriptions.

"Emeritus" Electronic Subscriptions are $87 annually. Individual Subscriptions, for retired faculty.

Benefits of Subscribing

Monthly Newsletter you will receive 12 Issues of Postsecondary Education OPPORTUNITY.

Full Access to Data you will have access to all of our research data that is online.

Vital Information get the statistics/data you need for proposals, grant writing and much more.

Latest Statistics we are continually updating our research data with the most up-to-date data.

Online Newsletter you can access the current and Archived issues of OPPORTUNITY anytime.

News Flash Delivery receive an e-mail news flash as new data or updates become available.

To View Samples request a free sample to see the kind of valuable policy research analysis we do.

Subscriptions may be started by check, purchase order, or credit card (in U.S. Dollars).

Activation of login account you will be e-mailed your username and password after your information and payment are verified.

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If you have any questions you can contact our Subscription Manager, Brittany Ross at (

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