Issue #262 - April 2014
Deteriorating Abilities of Families to Pay Costs of College Attendance

For the last 35 years college costs and family resources available to pay these costs have been on increasingly divergent paths. Since about 1980 states have been massively shifting the costs of higher education from state budgets to students and their families. As states cut funding for public institutions, these institutions raised tuition and fee charges to students to offset the loss of state revenue.   more
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(4/11/2014) Demography 101: The Growing Low Income Population
Iowa TRiO Conference
Honey Creek Resort State Park
Moravia, Iowa
April 9-11, 2014
(2/18/2014) State, Local and Federal Fiscal Support for Higher Education per $1000 of State Personal Income, FY1961 to FY2014
(12/18/2013) Dependent Pell Grant Recipients by Institutional Control, Level and State, FY2003 to FY2013
(9/6/2013) College Participation Rates for Students from Low Income Families by State, FY1993 to FY2012
This Excel workbook contains state and national data used to calculate college participation rates for students from low income families for the years FY1993 to FY2012. This rate is the ratio of dependent Pell Grant Recipients divided by 4th to 9th graders nine years earlier, approved for free or reduced-price school lunches.
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